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 2020-05-08 14:24:56


1. An interesting combination of the technologies we have been discussing for input and output may soon appear on the market, packaged as an input - output device in a PC computer.

我们一直在讨论的很有意义的输入与输出相结合的技术,可能很快就会面市,它作为个人计算机的输入输出设备组装在一起出售。(字体斜体部分修饰technologies )

2. The beneficiary of the right of priority is any person entitled to benefit from the national treatment rule who has duly filed an application for a patent for invention or another industrial property right in one of the member countries.

任何人在成员国之一提出了发明专利或其他一项工业产权申请而有权享受国民待遇规则的利益的,也有权享受优先权的利益。(字体斜体部分修饰any person)

3. Preferably the end manifold has channels formed between the cylindrical grooves which receive the outer and inner tubes of the filtration tube, which channels provide separate flow paths for the feed and filtered flows.


4. When a transmission system is used that varies the frequency of the carrier at an audio rate, it is called frequency modulation,F. M.

当所使用的传输系统以声音速度改变了载波的频率时,称为调频(FM)。(字体斜体部分修饰transmission system)

5. With sensing elements, continuous measurement can now he made of various physical quantities, such as temperature, pressure, level, etc.


6. The combination defined in claim 2, 3, 4 or 5 wherein said circuit means includes polarity - reversing means for selectively compensating said fluctuations in either one of said sidebands.

权利要求2、3、4、5所述的电路中,电路元件包括极性转换开关,以便选择性地补偿其中一个边带的变化。(字体斜体部分修饰 combination)


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